Easy Furniture Refinishing Mistakes to Avoid

Written by admin on 11/27/2020 in Home & Lifestyle with no comments.

Furniture refinishing is a fun DIY project that provides homeowners with beautiful new furniture that is sure to make any room in your house or office the most comfortable. It is a worthwhile and creative DIY project that can give you high-end and eclectic items for the home or office. But before you embark on such an undertaking, there’s lots to be aware of when it comes to undertaking a furniture refinishing job. This project requires skill and care; so be sure that you can take on this challenging task confidently. Here are 5 essential things that you need to keep in mind when planning to refurnish your home furniture.

Do a bit of research. Refinishing furniture involves a fairly complex furniture restoration process. Before you undertake the project, it is important that you do some basic research about the furniture restoration process and what you can expect from your chosen company or product. Ask questions like, how will your item be made available for sale? How long will it take for the furniture restoration process to take place?

Get the #1 furniture refinishing service Houston, TX advice. Before you start the actual furniture refinishing process, be sure that you get professional advice about the best finishes to use, how to strip and coat your wood, and even the best woodworking tools and supplies that you will need during your project. A good woodworking company or specialist will be able to give you a professional consultation on your stripping and coating options. They can also help you choose the best woodworking planks, veneers, and other finishing materials that you need for the project.

Follow all the instructions. The furniture restoration process is quite involved and it can get frustrating if you try to make changes to the design or functionality without first following the proper instructions. So, be sure to ask any questions that you might have along the way. For example, if you are looking to strip and coat your wood, do not simply start by applying one coat of stain; rather, take your time in applying coats of different wood stains until your piece looks completely refinished and it is no longer apparent that you have stripped and coated it.

Wipe away any excess mineral spirits. Once you have applied your wood stain, let it dry, and buff it with mineral spirits. Once you’ve done all of these things, your furniture refinishing job is now finished. However, mineral spirits are still going to have to be used to remove any wax residue that remained from your earlier clean-up attempts. The mineral spirits will also likely have to be added to the water used to soak your piece before the coat is applied, as the mineral spirits will help to seal the pores of your wood, helping to seal in your new finish.

Put a coat of white rings on any areas of wood that have been stained that were missed during the furniture refinishing process. This will help to fill in any weak areas of color and will prevent future stains from staining them again. Do not forget to use the white rings once you’ve removed the mineral spirits. This step will help you get rid of any remaining soap scum that remained on your pieces. For more details on this visit www.northhoustonwoodrefinishing.com.