The Pros’ Guide to Kitchen Countertops

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A kitchen counter is a flat work surface in kitchens, basements, or other food preparation zones, and other workrooms in general. It is often installed upon and supported by kitchen cabinets. The work surface is usually positioned at an appropriate ergonomic height for both the user and that specific job for which it’s designed. This may be high enough to accommodate working appliances or equipment, such as a microwave or to underline a cooking region. Kitchen countertops are a more recent development, having grown in popularity in recent years.

While kitchen counters certainly provide functionality, they also come in a wide variety of styles. This is largely dependent upon the manufacturer, as well as customer choice. There are pros and cons to every style, and it’s important to know them before you make your selection. Pros for example include: – the ease of cleaning and care for – the ease of installation – the visual appeal – durability – ease of maintenance – ease of storage

One of the more popular materials used to make kitchen counters, marble tops, and soapstone are some of the most durable and beautiful. If high-end material is important to you, then these are some of the best options, as they are long-lasting, extremely versatile, and very beautiful. Marble countertops are high-end, but are extremely hard-wearing and able to resist stains and scratches. However, the downside of marble is that it’s rather expensive. In contrast, soapstone countertops are attractive, durable, and come in a wide range of tones and colors, which make for a natural conversation piece.

The ease of cleaning and caring for these types of countertops is another advantage, as they are low maintenance. As far as maintenance goes, it all depends on the type of slab you buy, but generally they need a little bit of regular “sweeping” to get the dirt out. Because of this, lighter colors will be more preferred than darker colors. For the bottom line, look for a slab that has been sealed to guarantee that the color will not fade.

The final factor in choosing kitchen countertops is durability, and this is determined by the type of material chosen, as well as the quality of installation. A good contractor will inspect the slab prior to installation and can advise on the best color to choose, as well as whether or not a sealant should be applied. Once the surface has been installed, the pros have you covered with a lifetime guarantee against cracking, chipping, or warping due to exposure to moisture, sunlight, heat, cold, chemicals, or atmosphere. A contractor will install all necessary equipment to ensure the surface is completely flat, smooth, and scratch resistant.

While there are many more factors in choosing counters, from the way they look to how durable they are, the pros will tell you that quartzite countertops are the way to go. With a long life span and the ability to resist most common household cleaners, they are an excellent choice. If you are looking for something new in your kitchen, check out the many options available. When it comes to countertops, quartzite is the name of the game. For more details on countertops visit